FORK LANE Logistic Service Partner (LSP)

The so-called “logistics service partners” are essentially external service companies that work on behalf of dealers, and represent the link between dealers, carriers and end customers.

The logistics service partners can also provide services for carriers on the basis of FORK LANE, because this is where the advantages of an integrated logistics solution are particularly evident.

The services offered by the logistics service partners can cover various subject areas, while FORK LANE enables the design of completely new products and services.

These Include:

  • Warehouse
  • Multi-client order picking on behalf of dealers
  • Processing of entire shipments of goods with the involvement of carriers Integration of insurance benefits
  • Development of local distribution centers of various sizes (e.g. micro storage) and complexity (e.g. only shipments with a certain value of goods)
  • Returns Collection of goods and transport orders
  • Communication with the end customer
  • Last mile delivery
  • Etc.