FORK LANE Insure offers insurance companies a completely new option for direct integration into the entire logistics process and the associated design of innovative new insurance products. Each of the parties involved in a specific shipment can, if necessary, automatically take out additional insurance without any significant effort, depending on predefined service packages or depending on situation-specific parameters such as shipment value, recipient country, customer request, etc.

The supplementary insurance is billed as far as possible on the basis of actual use and demand (pay-per-use). While companies such as retailers and carriers are increasingly taking out insurance packages and using contingents, end customers and smaller parties (e.g. small deliverers) need the option of booking demand-oriented insurance services in the form of smart insurance contracts and micro-payments.

FORK LANE Insure can also  be used to book additional insurance benefits for the transported goods with the funds already available. For example, see the portfolio of the company insurance GmbH ( The most important factor here is that all information for taking out insurance is already available in the logistics process, so that the effort involved in taking out insurance is minimal.