The free Deutsche Post Internetmarke module for Magento 2 helps with sending small-format consignments and letters. By connecting the module to the Deutsche Post web service, online brands can be ordered directly in the shop. Deutsche Post is a German company that offers national and international postal services.

The internet brand service includes deliveries of small goods (letter format) as well as larger deliveries such as books up to a total weight of 2 kg. Sending light and small goods is a good use case for this service (e.g. sending books via the integrated book sending service). Be smart and use the Internet stamp Postage stamp directly from your business application for these purposes. The only requirement is a Deutsche Post Postokasse account (details can be found in the section on Deutsche Post Postokasse).


Secure login with your Deutsche Post Postokasse account

Top up your Deutsche Post Postokasse account (forwarding to the Deutsche Post Internetmarke website to carry out the transaction)

Buy from Deutsche Post Internetmarke stamps via the Magento 2 admin panel

Sending national and international orders via postal services (standard letter, compact letter, large letter, maxi letter ...)

Sending books or other goods using the book delivery service Download of purchased internet stamp postage stamps

View the transaction history